Quality fanless computers

CompuLab has been making computer boards since 1992 and fit-PC computers since 2007. CompuLab’s dozens of years of experience in low-power board design, thermal design, operating-systems and drivers, product design and manufacturing are harnessed for the design of each fit-PC.

fit-PC stands out in the competitive miniature PC market with an innovative design and uncompromising build quality. A significant part of fit-PC users are owners of an older fit-PC model returning to purchase the new model.

fit-PC and Intense PC are designed for:

  • Smallest possible size
  • Highest performance at that size
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Highest durability
To achieve that, fit-PCs are designed from the ground up to be fanless, in a die-cast aluminum case using embedded grade components.

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Where size, durability or low power consumption matter in a PC, fit-PC and Intense PC are often the best choice.