fit-PC and Intense PC products are all designed as robust miniature PCs aimed to maximize usability while consuming as little power as possible. There are three major product families each having its own unique characteristics. Each product family is offered in a variety of configurations ranging from barebone platforms up to out-of-the-box ready to use computers with different CPUs, RAM and storage capacity, I/O and networking setup and pre-installed operating system.


fit-PC2 is a miniature fanless PC based on Atom CPU. It is extremely small and extremely energy efficient, but still packs the full set of PC features.

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fit-PC3 & fit-PC4

fit-PC3, fit-PC3i and fit-PC4 are miniature fanless PCs based on AMD G-Series APU. The family provides high graphics performance and rich I/O while having extremely low power consumption. These are durable and cost-effective PC for business and industrial applications alike.


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Intense PC & IPC2

Intense PC is a fanless mini-PCs with 3rd generation Intel Core-i7 inside. IPC2 is the 2014 model with 4th generation Intel Core-i7. Both deliver performance never seen before in a fanless mini-PC at the lowest power of any PC at its class.


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fit-PC and Intense PC computers are serviceable and modular. They can be customized beyond the off-the-shelf offerings with specialized I/O, OEM branding and are even available as single-board-computers suitable for embedded applications. To learn more about customization check product ordering guide or contact contact CompuLab.