Fitlet2 Errata Notes

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FITLET2ERR001: Power button action cannot be configured in Windows 10

  • Date: 27-May-2018
  • Symptom: Configuring Power button action through Windows 10 control panel has no effect
  • Applies to: fitlet2 rev 1.1
  • Cause: Erratum in power management integrated circuit
  • Workaround: Control power modes from software
  • Fix: Fixed in fitlet2 rev 1.2 with with BIOS version FLT2.

FITLET2ERR002: No eMMC support

  • Date: 2-Sep-2018
  • Symptom: eMMC module is not identified
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with SBC serial number 1180902-xxxxx or earlier
  • Cause: Circuit of eMMC interface is not assembled on SBC
  • Workaround: Use M.2 SATA storage
  • Fix: Fixed in fitlet2 with SBC serial number 1180903-xxxxx and later
Note: Since March 2020 eMMC interface in fitlet2 is disabled.

FITLET2ERR003: fitlet2 does not enter S5 state (off) but only S3 state (sleep)

  • Date: 23-Oct-2018
  • Symptom: When shutting-down fitlet2 from software or by pressing the power button fitlet2 enters S3 (sleep) state instead of S5 (off) state
  • Applies to: fitlet2 rev 1.1 with serial number 1180724-xxxxx or earlier
  • Cause: An erratum in fitlet2 PMIC
  • Workaround: Long press on power button shuts down fitlet2 completely
  • Fix: A new version of PMIC used in fitlet2 with serial number 1180725-00001 and later
Note: Amber LED on power button stays on at S5. This is unrelated to FITLET2ERR003

FITLET2ERR004: Marginal edge-connector quality in FC-PCI

  • Date: 6-Jan-2019
  • Symptom: Devices installed on FC-PCI (Modem / SSD / Wi-Fi adapter / mini-PCIe card) may malfunction. There is no record of permanent damage to devices installed on FC-PCI
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with FC-PCI rev 1.0
  • Cause: Marginal quality of FC-PCI edge connector
  • Workaround: Covered under warranty. Compulab will replace FC-PCI FACET Cards exhibiting errors
  • Fix: Compulab redesigns FC-PCI FACET Card (rev 1.1) to improve edge connector's quality
Note: The problem is specific to FC-PCI and does not apply to other FACET Cards

FITLET2ERR005: Built in Ethernet port is disappearing on start-up

  • Date: 28-Apr-2019
  • Symptom: One of the built in Ethernet ports is disappearing on start-up.
  • Applies to: fitlet2 configured with either - FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0, FC-POED Rev1.0.
  • Cause: In FC-PCI Rev1.0-1.1, FC-CEM Rev1.0 and FC-POED Rev1.0 rails 3.3V_A and 3.3V_S are connected in way which affects power sequencing. As a result, in rare cases on-board Ethernet controller's reset is released before PCI bus initialization is complete which results in Ethernet controller being unrecognized.
  • Workaround: None
  • Fix: Fix applied to FC-PCI Rev1.2, FC-CEM Rev1.1, FC-POED Rev1.1.

FITLET2ERR006: RS-485 half duplex not working on fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG

  • Date: 28-Apr-2019
  • Symptom: RS-485 half duplex is not working on fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG.
  • Applies to:fitlet2 configured with FC-SCG Rev1.0
  • Cause: In FC-SCG Rev1.0 the TXDEN signal that controls RX/TX direction is disconnected. As a result RS485 half-duplex does not function.
  • Workaround: None
  • Fix: Fix applied to FC-SCG Rev1.1

FITLET2ERR007: Disk errors with EB-M2SATA rev 1.1

  • Date: 11-SEP-2019
  • Symptom: fitlet2 with a 2.5" hard disk / SSD connected through EB-M2SATA fails to boot or exhibit other disk related errors.
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with EB-M2SATA Rev1.1 adapter.
  • Cause: Marginal SATA signal quality in EB-M2SATA.
  • Workaround 1: The problem was observed with some hard disks and SSD's. See this list for validated hard disks and SSD's.
  • Workaround 2: According to Compulab's tests, forcing SATA interface to SATA2 300MHz and not allowing SATA3 600 MHz resolves the problem; A BIOS version with SATA2 forced is available - HERE
  • Fix: Fixed in EB-M2SATA Rev 1.3 expected to be available now (since Jan-2020).

FITLET2ERR008: Interoperability issue with some models of M.2 SATA SSD

  • Date: 5-MAR-2020
  • Symptom: Inconsistent behavior of M.2 SSD. e.g. fitlet2 fails to identify an SSD (permanently or intermittently)
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with M.2 SSD of specific models. See SSD compatibility matrix for details
  • Cause: fitlet2 implements eMMC interface on M.2 key-M unused pins. The same pins are sometimes used for vendor specific functionality in some SSD models. This can lead to unexpected behavior of these SSDs
  • Workaround: Opt for a validated SSD | insulating M.2 SSD pins
  • Fix: fitlet2 volume orders placed after 5-Mar-2020 will be supplied with the eMMC interface disconnected. As of Mar-2020 Compulab is researching the problem. If additional solutions are found this erratum will be updated.

FITLET2ERR009: Auto-On feature does not work if the power outage was too short

  • Date: 5-MAR-2021
  • Symptom: After short power outage the device is entering into 'deep sleep' mode when the devices can't start automatically.
  • Applies to: fitlet2 with SBC rev. 1.31 released prior to April 2021
  • Cause: the new version of PSU we offer together with the fitlet2 device is equipped with some capacitor, that holds the power about 20-150 seconds after loosing the main power and decrease it smoothly instead of sudden power dropping (like previous one). This can cause to failure of power management circuit on the fitlet2.
  • Workaround: RMA or request for sending the previous PSU model.
  • Fix: fitlet2 volume orders placed after 5-Mar-2021 will be supplied with the fixed SBC revision.