How to install mSATA SSD on FM-USB3 module

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  • This application note instructs how to install or replace mSATA SSD on FM-USB3 Module
  • This application note is applicable for the following models:
    • IPC3 HW revisions later than 1.1 , adding an option to add mSATA SSD on FM-USB3 only.
    • IPC2 (all HW revisions) adding another mSATA on the FM-USB3 in addition to the on-board slot.


  1. Open the service door (see Maintenance chapter in IPC3 Owner’s Manual).
  2. Remove the four screws on the bottom cover of the IPC3.
  3. Carefully remove the bottom cover.
  4. Remove the single screw that holds the FM-USB3 card.
  5. Carefully remove the FM-USB3 card in the computer.
  6. Now you have full access to mSATA slot. Connect mSATA by gently pushing it into plastic latch.
  7. Assemble in the reverse order