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FM-SER Module

FM-SER FACE Module provide various serial connectivity solution and compatible with several Compulab systems. Refer to Compatibility Matrix for products fit.


  • High performance UARTS
  • Asynchronous baud rates up to 15Mbps
  • 128-byte deep TX/RX FIFOs
  • Advanced FIFO fill management
  • RS232, RS485, RS422 operation
  • Programmable RS485 turn-around delay
  • 450 through 950 software compatibility
  • Two independent CAN bus controllers implement CAN V2.0B at rate of up to 1Mbps each
  • Isolated PHY with rated isolation voltage of 2.5 kV RMS
Connectivity Specifications
RS232 / RS485 / RS4221 6x RJ-11 jacks functioning as RS2322, as half3/full-duplex RS485 or RS422 serial ports;
CAN bus 2x RJ-45 jacks functioning as an isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) bus


  1. The default standard can be configured by jumper E1. See section Serial Ports Configuration.
  2. FM-SER is classified as DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) in terms of RS232 standard definition.
  3. RS485 half-duplex mode requires special HW/SW adaptation

Block Diagram


Hardware Specifications

The following section provides information about the main components and respective features, as well as available configuration options.

PCIe to UART Bridge PLX OXPCIe958

  • UART bridge – from PCIe to 8 serial ports 1
  • Eight 128-byte transmit and receive FIFO unit
  • Integrated DMA controller
  • Asynchronous data rate of up to 15.625 Mbp
Notes:   FM-SER utilizes 6 serial ports

LTC2872 Dual Multiprotocol Transceiver

  • Three dual transceivers are onboard the FM-SER provide 6 multiprotocol serial ports.
  • Implementation of physical layer (PHY) of RS232 or RS485 serial protocol ports.
  • Up to 500kbps data rate from UART to RS232 and up to 15 Mbps data rate to full duplex RS485
  • Supports RS422 and half duplex RS485 protocols
  • Integrated termination resistors are being switched according to mode of operation.
  • Loopback mode for self-testing

CAN Bus Controller MCP2515

  • Connected to SPI bus originated from a USB to SPI bridge
  • Two CAN bus controllers implement CAN V2.0B at rate of up to 1Mbps each.
  • Six 29-bit filters, two 29-bit masks and two receive buffers with prioritized message storage
  • Interrupt outputs from CAN bus controllers and a shared reset input are connected to the host motherboard.

CAN PHY ADM3053 (Isolation Driver)

  • Isolated physical layer (PHY) transceiver with rated isolation voltage of 2.5 kV RMS for 1 minute
  • Data rate of up to 1Mbps
  • Consumers power from the CAN bus by default, and can be configured to supply power of up to 170 mA to the bus.





SW Drivers