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Which power supplies can power the Intense PC?

Intense PC bundle comes with external AC/DC wall power supply, providing unregulated 10–15Vdc input voltage range, 12Vdc nominal. However, any power supply able to supply ~60W from 12Vdc source will be fine.

What are power capabilities of Intense PC USB ports?

Each VBUS pair supplied via onboard power switch with current limit settings of 2.1A, meaning either each VBUS capable sourcing up to 1.05A in case two bus powered devices connected, or sourcing 2.1A in case single bus powered device connected.

Sourcing current from FACE Module connectors

Both 12V and 5V routed to FACE Module are operational power rails:

  • 12V rail supplied to FACE Module via 8 pins of the B2B connector (EXT1) unregulated directly from the main power supply.
  • 5V rail supplied to FACE Module via 6 pins of the B2B connectors (EXT1/2) and is a regulated output from BUCK (12V input).
  • Each B2B connector pin rated for 0.5A max current.
  • 5V rail let you use much more than 2A, but it should be remembered that it is sourced from 12V/5V BUCK. Refer to below explanations.
  • EXT1: P58; EXT2: P59

Under 90% OS load conditions without USB bus powered devices attached, Intense consumes ~26W (12V @ 2.16A). Attaching USB bus powered devices may increase this value (can be calculated from 12V to 5V DC/DC conversion with 90% efficiency). Under nominal conditions 3A from 12V won't be exceeded.

USB ports power behavior

Intense PC USB port power behavior:

  1. FACE Module ports – USB power always on (S0, S3, S4, S5).
  2. Motherboard back panel ports – USB power on in S0, S3 but off in S4, S5.

S0 – active
S3 – sleep
S4 – hibernate
S5 – shutdown