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In this document fit-PC relates to both fit-PC2 & fit-PC2i


Power consumption

Below are power consumption measurements for fit-PC

  • Measurements are done on 12V DC - fit-PC only excluding power supply
  • HDD and USB keyboard & mouse are included. fit-PC is connected to XGA display
  • Measurements are done in Windows XP

fit-PC2 consumption

  • Off: 0.45W
  • Standby: 1.0W
  • XP average: 6.5W
  • XP peak: 9.12W

fit-PC2i consumption

  • Off: 1.2W
  • Standby: 1.2W
  • XP average: 7.1W
  • XP Peak: 9.24W

Power plug

  • Power plug dimensions:
    • 3.5mm external (GND)
    • 1.35mm internal (+12V)
    • 7.5mm length
    • General tolerance +/- 0.1mm
  • The standard fit-PC2 power supply is shipped with a custom plug having a security screw preventing unwanted pull-out of the plug.


  • fit-PC2 is using Realtek RTL8111D GbE controller
  • fit-PC2i is using Realtek RTL8111C GbE controller

Wake-on-LAN (fit-PC2i only)

  • Wake-on-LAN works in S3 (standby), but does not work in S5 (off state). The reason is that WOL is implemented as PCI wake to the US15W SCH which is not powered in S5.
  • For controlling fit-PC2i remotely use standby rather than shut down. To restart from a clean boot use software reboot.

Serial port (fit-PC2i only)

The serial port RS232 is brought-out through a custom mini connector. fit-PC2i is supplied with a cable to DB9 female.

Consumer IR receiver (fit-PC2 only)

  • The IR sub-system includes
    • IR receiver Vishay TSOP38238 or compatible
    • Micro-controller Atmel ATtiny2313-20MU connected through USB interface
  • fit-PC2 IR works at 38 KHz - compatible with most consumer IR remotes
  • SW support:
    • Windows - EventGhost
    • Linux - LIRC


Display drivers

Video acceleration




  • The standard HDD is 2.5" 160GB 5400RPM
  • Throughput is 60MB/s read/write



Internal USB thumb-drive (fit-PC2i only)


  • fit-PC2 rev 1.4 and fit-PC2i rev 1.2 use codec Realtek ALC662.
  • fit-PC2 rev 1.21 uses codec Realtek ALC262
  • fit-PC2i rev 1.1 uses codec IDT 92HD83



  • What is auto-on
  • Auto-on is present on all fit-PC2i revisions.
  • Starting from fit-PC2 rev 1.4 auto-on is always present.


  • USB ports provide up to 0.5A as specified by USB standard. Note when connecting high power devices such as HDD.
  • Total current consumption from all USB ports should not exceed 1.5A.

mini PCIe

  • Normally the miniPCIe is used for WiFi, so when fit-PC is ordered with option W - mini-PCIe is not available.
  • In fit-PC2 mini-PCIe supports half-size & full-size miniPCIe adapters with PCIe and USB2 high-speed interfaces. USB1.1 is not supported.
  • In fit-PC2i miniPCIe supports only USB2 high-speed adapters - no PCIe and no USB1.1