Fit-PC3 BIOS ROM Files

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  • SCT_2.1.0.333_5
    • Ethernet controller bug fixed - did not return from sleep mode.
    • SATA 4,5 (eSATA) detection bug fixed - eSATA devices were not visible in BIOS.
    • UART1 bug fixed - did not work on T44R.
  • SCT_2.1.0.333_6
    • BIOS Setup customization
  • SCT_2.1.0.333_7
    • Numonyx M25P16 SPI Flash support is added
  • SCT_2.1.0.333_8
    • NB PCIe are enabled (Extension P0 and P1 bug fix)
    • Numonyx M25PX16 SPI Flash support is added
    • Aggressive CPU power management (CPU noise reduction) is implemented
  • SCT
    • PXE boot support for SBC Realtek network controller is added.
    • Full-size mPCIe selection (mSATA/PCIe) is added
    • UART1 selection (Serial/IR) is added
    • Video output D1 selection (HDMI/Display Port) is added
    • BIOS Setup customization was made
  • SCT
    • Watchdog support is added
  • SCT
    • Separate flashing mechanism for SPI Flash Numonyx M25P16 is added
    • Memory Initialization bug fixed
  • SBC_2.1.0.333_12
    • SATA 3 support is added
    • DMI strings support is added
    • Boot priorities are changed
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