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* [[fit-PC4: Software | fit-PC4 Software Repository]]
* [[fit-PC4: Software | fit-PC4 Software Repository]]
* [[fit-PC4 BIOS Update | fit-PC4 BIOS]]
* [[fit-PC4 BIOS Update | fit-PC4 BIOS]]
* [[fit-PC4 BIOS guide]]
=== Mechanical ===
=== Mechanical ===

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fit-PC4 is fully functional miniature computer based on AMD Embedded G-Series 64-bit dual and quad cores System-on-Chip.
Together with AMD Radeon HD graphics engine, peripherals set and connectivity options, completely fanless design delivers performance up to 3750 points score on Geekbench3 benchmark tool. The product offered in two SoC computing power options.
fit-PC4 serves a wide range of applications – industrial control and automation, networking and communications infrastructures, media players and media centers, IPTV, infotainment system, digital signage and smart kiosks, gaming or small-footprint desktop replacement.

Fit-PC4 Pro front 700x485.png Fit-PC4 Value front 700x485.png







Front/Back Panel View

Fit-PC4 ports diagram 700x500.png