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FACET Cards are implemented with internal T-shaped extension board. The extension board is connected to already available motherboard’s mini PCI Express slot, featuring standard PC interfaces such as PCIe, USB2, SMBus and LPC Bus.

FACET Card Concept.png

FACET Card Electrical Interface

fitlet mini PCI Express edge connector pinout

fitlet mini PCI Express edge connector
Pin # Pin Name Signal Description Pin # Pin Name Signal Description
1 WAKE# Open drain, active low signal driven low by a mini PCIe card to reactivate the PCIe link 2 3.3Vaux 3.3V power rail
3 PERn2 PCI Express Gen2 differential receive pair 2 4 GND Ground connection
5 PERp2 6 1.5V 1.5V power rail
7 CLKREQ# Clock request - open drain, active low driven by mini PCIe card to request PCIe reference clock 8 UIM_PWR/Reserved The UIM signals are defined on the system connector to provide the interface between the removable User Identity Module (UIM) Interface - an extension of SIM and WWAN.
9 GND Ground connection 10 UIM_DATA/Reserved
11 REFCLK- Reference clock used to assist the synchronization of PCI Express interface timing circuits 12 UIM_CLK/Reserved
13 REFCLK+ 14 UIM_RESET/Reserved
15 GND Ground connection 16 UIM_VPP/Reserved
Mechanical Notch Key
17 PETn2 PCI Express Gen2 differential receive pair 2 18 GND Ground connection
19 PETp2 20 W_DISABLE# Active low signal when asserted by the system disable radio operation. Reserved for future use.
21 GND Ground connection 22 PERST# Asserted when power is switched off and also can be used by the system to force HW reset
23 PERn0 PCI Express differential receive pair 24 3.3Vaux 3.3V power rail
25 PERp0 26 GND Ground connection
27 GND Ground connection 28 1.5V 1.5V power rail
29 GND Ground connection 30 SMB_CLK Optional SMBus two-wire interface for Host/mini PCIe module communication
31 PETn0 PCI Express differential transmit pair 32 SMB_DATA
33 PETp0 34 GND Ground connection
35 GND Ground connection 36 USB_D- USB Host Interface
37 GND Ground connection 38 USB_D+
39 3.3Vaux 3.3V power rail 40 GND Ground connection
41 3.3Vaux 3.3V power rail 42 LED_WWAN# Active low output signals are provided to allow status indications to users via system provided LEDs
43 PETn1 PCI Express Gen2 differential transmit pair 1 44 LED_WLAN#
45 PETp1 46 LED_WPAN#
47 Reserved tbd 48 1.5V 1.5V power rail
49 PERn1 PCI Express Gen2 differential receive pair 1 50 GND Ground connection
51 PERp1 52 3.3Vaux 3.3V power rail