Fitlet Troubleshooting

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1. fitlet BIOS reset:

a. Power down the PC and unplug the power cable.
b. Open the bottom cover (by unscrewing 4 bolts) and remove it.
c. Reset the BIOS by pressing low profile push button (SW3) for 3 seconds located near the high mini PCIe slot, as shown in the picture below.
d. Plug the power and power up the PC (either auto-on or pressing power button).

Fitlet BIOS reset.jpg

2. Check the RAM memory:

a. Remove the top cover (refer to fitlet Owner’s Manual)
b. Verify RAM module is installed and in place. The system will not boot without memory.
c. fitlet should be used with low power (1.35V) memory only.
d. Install the memory back.

3. Power up without storage:

Try to enter the BIOS by clicking Del during boot

4. Power supply:

a. Verify the power supply is not damaged and functions properly.
b. If you have another power supply use it to eliminate and determine the failing side.
c. In case you use other power supply make sure it provides uninterrupted power and stable grounding.

5. RMA procedure