Intense PC: Revision Notes

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Intense PC HW Revisions

Identify the HW revision of your product:

  1. Serial Number (SN) - Contact CompuLab
  2. BIOS
    • Enter BIOS pressing F2 during PC boot
    • Go to Advanced Tab
    • Select Silicon Information
    • See PCB revision (available for rev 1.2 only)
  3. Silk Screen print on the main PCB

Rev 1.2 Changes

  • Second revision
    • Release date: 30/01/2013
    • First serial number (SN): 130130-0001
  • SLP_S3 changed to SLP_S3# on FACE Module extension connector EXT1
  • mSATA support S3 (Sleep state)
  • Audio jack detection bug fixed to work without SW patch
  • Intense PC Pro (i7 only) moved to chipset native USB3.0 support (Intel drivers should be used)
  • Added Wireless AMT provisions
  • Added serial port to FACE Module

Rev 1.1 Changes

  • First revision
    • Release date: 14/03/2012
    • First serial number (SN): 120314-0501