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== Mature products ==
== Mature products ==
* [[fitlet]]
* [[Airtop]]
* [[fitlet | fitlet1]]
* [[fitlet-H & fitlet-T]]
* [[fitlet-H & fitlet-T]]
* [[IPC2]]
* [[IPC2]]

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Current products

Mature products

Products - Single Board Computers (SBC)

The section provides information about Single-Board-Computers (SBC), an open chassis systems that stand in the core and as a main component in our x86 enclosed product line. SBC open chassis systems oriented mainly business customers such as system integrators and companies developing their own products, who want to minimize time spent on complicated controller boards development and accelerate time-to-market with an already designed general purpose controller systems, ready for any task.

Intel® 4th and 5th generations Core™

SBC-iHSW-TOP 500x413.jpg

Intel® 3rd generation Core™

SBC-iSB-TOP 500x409.jpg

Intel® Atom™ Processors


AMD A/G-Series System-on-Chip

SBC-FITPC4-TOP 500x401.jpg

AMD G-Series System-on-Chip

SBC-FITPC3-TOP 500x397.jpg

AMD SteppeEagle platforms

SBC FLT1 bot.jpg


Application notes address systems operation, use cases, applications and interoperability aspects:

Errata notes address known HW/SW bugs, workarounds and solutions:

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