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=== Hardware ===
=== Hardware ===
:[[File:Block diagram thumbnail.png|200px|thumb|left|fitlet-i Block Diagram|link=http://fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/documents/fitlet-i-top-level-block-diagram.pdf]]
:[[File:Block diagram thumbnail.png|200px|thumb|left|SBC-FLT (i option) Block Diagram|link=http://fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/documents/sbc-flti-block-diagram.pdf]]
:[[File:Block diagram thumbnail.png|200px|thumb|left|fitlet-X Block Diagram|link=http://fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/documents/fitlet-X-top-level-block-diagram.pdf]]
:[[File:Block diagram thumbnail.png|200px|thumb|left|SBC-FLT (X option) Block Diagram|link=http://fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/documents/sbc-fltx-block-diagram.pdf]]

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SBC-FLT1 is an open chassis single board computer based on embedded low-power AMD SteppeEagle platform, 64-bit dual/quad cores System-on-Chip, featuring Radeon™ graphics engine and rich connectivity options in low power envelope. SBC-FLT1 stands in the core of fitlet enclosed systems and as its' main component. It is capable to drive 2 independent displays with up to HD resolutions, simultaneously. Runs Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems.

It can be ordered in two board options, with or without bay area. PCB with a bay used for connection of Compulab extension FACET Cards.

SBC_FLT1 Bottom (i models) SBC FLT1 bot.jpg SBC_FLT1 Top (i models) SBC FLT1 top.jpg
SBC_FLT1 Bottom (X models) SBC FLT1 bay bot.jpg SBC_FLT1 Top (X models) SBC FLT1 bay top.jpg


SBC-FLT (i option) Block Diagram
SBC-FLT (X option) Block Diagram






Front/Back Panel View

Fitlet ports diagram 700x491.png