Tensor-I20 Troubleshooting - I can not turn on the Tensor-I20 it does not wake up

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I can't turn on the Tensor-I20 computer, it doesn't wake up

1. Possible reason: Power supply failure

Solution - Check power supply (PSU)

  • Make sure the DC cable is not damaged and connected properly to the machine.
  • Make sure the AC cord is properly plugged to both sides (Wall mounted well plugged).
  • Trying an alternative adapter could eliminate bad PSU.

2. Possible reason: Memory failure

Solution - Check memory (RAM)

  • Verify RAM module is seated firmly in its socket.
  • Try to eliminate faulty memory sticks by swapping it with one another.

3. Possible reason: Peripherals failure

Solution - Check Peripherals (HDD/SSD/USB)

  • Unplug peripherals and try to power up with bare minimum, that includes HDD/SSD/USB devices.
  • Verify power up without storage. Sometimes damaged drives may cause the overall system to malfunction.

4. Tensor-I20 BIOS reset


  1. Unplug power cable from the Tensor-I20
  2. Remove bottom cover
  3. Remove the RAM stick
  4. Plug in power cable (should turn on automatically), and wait ~10 seconds
  5. Unplug power cable
  6. Assemble back the RAM stick
  7. Press the RTC reset button.
  8. Plug power cable (should be automatically turned on)

BIOS settings should be reset to defaults.