Tensor-I22 TEL Modules

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  • This page provides technical information about Tensor-I22 TEL Modules.
  • TEL Moduless extend Tensor-I22 functionality and I/O.
  • TEL Modules stands for Tensor ELlement. An extension card for Tensor-I22. Multiple TELs can be installed at the same time.
  • TEL Modules standard is open to allow 3rd parties to design their own application specific TEL Modules
  • The full production files of each Compulab TEL Modules are published below to allow 3rd parties to modify for their needs

Tensor-I22 TEL Modules Types

TEL Description Image PN in Tensor-I22
Input/Output TELs
TEL-SERX4 4x RS232 / RS485 with DB9 connectors TEL-SER4 6.png FH
TEL-SERX1 1x RS232 by DB9 TEL-HA-SER.png FHA
TEL-CANBUS Using DB9 connector, supports CAN 2.0A Specifications and ISO 11898-2 TEL-CANBUS front.png FQ
TEL-GPIO Up to 20x GPIO - terminal block of 4x GPIO + 4 headers of 4 GPIO each TEL-GPIO.png FS
TEL-GPIOEXT 4x GPIO by a terminal block to be used with TEL-GPIO TEL-GPIOEXT.png FV
TEL-AUDIO Headphones / line-out + microphone using 2x 3.5mm TEL-AUDIO-1.png A
TEL-USB3X4V 4x USB3.1 type A TEL-USB3X4.png FEA
TEL-USB2X4V 4x USB2.0 type A TEL-USB2X4.png FEC
Networking TELs
TEL-LANX2 2x Gbit Ethernet ports using RJ45 TEL-LAN2.png FC
TEL-POEX2 2x Gbit Ethernet with PoE PSE 802.3at Type 1 by RJ45 TEL-POEX2-3.png FU
TEL-OPLN2 2 x SFP+ socket for optical GbE connection TEL-OPLN.png FW
Storage TELs
M.2 Key-M for NVMe Additional M.2 Key-M for NVMe card TEL-NVME-2.png FFN
M.2 Key-M for SATA Additional M.2 Key-M for SATA TEL-NVME-2.png FFS
M.2 Key-M for AI module Additional M.2 Key-M with enhanced heat dissipation for AI acceleration module TEL-NVME-2.png FFA
Extension TELs
TEL-M2B an M.2 key-B socket with SIM card tray + 2x Pentaband antennas (each with a panel and MHF cable) TEL-M2B-2.png FI
TEL-M2E an M.2 key-E socket + 2x Wi-Fi antennas (each with a panel and MHF cable) TEL-M2E-1.png FJ
TEL-MINIPCIE a mini PCIe socket with SIM card tray + 2x Pentaband antennas (each with a panel and U.FL cable) TEL-MINIPCIE-1.png FL
Power Modules
TEL-P12 Standard power module for 12VDC PSU with twist lock, Incl. 60W PSU and AC cord. TEL-PO.png As standard with PSU
PN w/o PSU
TEL-P56 Wide power module for 12V - 56V DC, ATX connector with locking, Incl. 120W PSU and AC cord. TEL-POW56V.png P56 with PSU
P56N w/o PSU