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IPC2 and Powerline network
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Author:  ipc14 [ Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  IPC2 and Powerline network

I have LM 17 Cinnamon running on a IPC2 i5 barebone.
It is connected to a Powerline by TP-Link (1)
Upon a extended suspend or shutoff, the unused powerline ethernet goes into a power-saving mode waiting for a signal from the computer to reactivate.
The problem is the IPC2 doesn't, it displays that the connection is unplugged until I unplug the powerline and plug it back in.
This isn't a LM problem as I have two other computers running LM 17 with the same Powerline and it works without issue (as well as 2 windows computers + PS4)

This doesn't occur with wake on lan in bios, but I don't want 24/7 network usage and would prefer to keep it off.

(1) ... =powerline

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