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ipc3 with xen and qubes-os
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Author:  alain [ Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  ipc3 with xen and qubes-os

I use one ip3 with xen and qubes-os.
bios: 0.25.08, qubes-os4, fedora29, no NetworkManager.
I have a bad behavior, after reboot, randomly, i can't ping others computer with rj45 ethernet (no wifi using)
No issues with fedora configuration as iptable, route and...
I reboot several times and the connection can raise up without conf modification. I never lose the ethernet connection until one reboot.
No error message in logs about e1000e / igb intel module, pci or other think linked to ethernet use.
Somebody would have one idea of this issue?

Author:  tamir [ Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ipc3 with xen and qubes-os

As much as we'd like to help, we lack the knowledge to advise regarding Xen or cubes OS.
In order to troubleshoot this issue, we suggest to test it in a supported environment such as Windows or Linux mint which are known to work.
For Linux installation please follow the guide below: ... _Mint_19.1

For Windows, please follow the below: ... _UEFI_mode

Please see if you are able to replicate the same behavior on these environments.

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