5 year warranty

CompuLab announces five year warranty on fit-PC and Intense PC products

Yokneam, Israel – 30-Jun-13 – CompuLab announced today that the standard warranty on its fanless computers is extended to five years. The 5 year warranty applies to the fanless computers of the fit-PC2, fit-PC3 and Intense PC product-lines purchased since 1-Jan-2013.

Raising the bar on reliability

Warranty for ordinary computers is usually 1 or 2 years. To guarantee a computer for 5 years it must exhibit extraordinary reliability. CompuLab’s fanless computers are designed for durability, with embedded grade components in an aluminium die-cast enclosure having no moving parts. Product design, manufacturing and testing take place under the same roof at CompuLab’s ISO-certified facility.
With hundreds of thousands of computers fielded and extremely low failure rate, CompuLab found it appropriate to extend the warranty on fit-PC and Intense PC product-lines to five years.
“fit-PC and Intense PC computers are successfully deployed in a variety of extreme conditions” said Irad Stavi, Chief Product Officer at CompuLab. “Wide temperature range makes fit-PC common in outdoor installations ranging from arctic to tropical climate. Thanks to the fanless no-vents design they work indefinitely in dust-filled air as well as they do in cleanrooms. The compact yet ruggedized build make fit-PC and Intense PC extremely resilient to high level of shock and vibration in vehicle, aerospace, robotics and industrial machinery applications. Buyers often face the challenge of discerning the quality of superficially similar computers, but we believe that nothing illustrates a product design and build quality better than the given warranty.”

Warranty terms

CompuLab guarantees the computer including the CPU, motherboard, factory-installed memory, casing, power supply and included accessories against defects in workmanship and material for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment. Warranty on the storage device (hard disk or SSD) reflects the storage device manufacturer warranty. The complete warranty terms can be found at the fit-PC website www.fit-pc.com.
The warranty applies to fit-PC2, fit-PC2i, fit-PC3, Intense PC and mintBox. CompuLab intends to apply the same warranty terms to future products. The warranty is effective immediately for all mentioned products purchased since 1-Jan-2013.

About CompuLab

CompuLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computing products since 1992 with product lines ranging from computer-on-modules to ready-to-use miniature computers.
CompuLab’s fit-PC line of miniature, fanless PCs – introduced in 2007 – positioned CompuLab as an industry leader in the
field of miniature, fanless industrial PCs.
CompuLab headquarters are located in Yokneam, Israel with offices in St. Petersburg, FL.

Press Contact

Irad Stavi
NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional info visit www.fit-pc.com

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