fit-PC is a range of state-of-the-art miniature fanless PCs that are extremely small, very low power and have more features than any other PC in their category.
fit-PCs stand out for:

Robustness, durability and reliability

  • fit-PC is robust, meaning it will not break no matter where you deploy it.
  • fit-PC is durable – it is built to last and will keep on working for years requiring no maintenance.
  • fit-PC is reliable because it has no moving parts and is built of embedded grade components. This ensures much higher reliability than most other computers and allows Compulab to sell each fit-PC with a 5 year warranty.

High usability

The most important thing about a computer is what you can do with it, or its usability.
  • fit-PC packs many networking and connectivity features to support a wide array of use cases.
  • fit-PC has accessible devices for easy installation of the ideal memory, storage or extension card for the given use case.
  • fit-PC has a modular design that allows customizing it into an application-specific computer.
  • There are many accessories that extend the functionality of fit-PC and enable more deployment options.

Energy efficiency

fit-PC computers are among the most energy efficient in their category. Since fit-PC often works 24/7 the energy saving may significantly reduce TCO (total cost of ownership). Low power consumption of fit-PC simplifies powering it off-grid from a battery or renewable energy source. Low power of fit-PC reduces the computer’s heat generation which is important given its fanless passively cooled design and its deployment in extreme temperature conditions.
Each fit-PC is offered in a variety of configurations ranging from barebone platforms up to out-of-the-box ready-to-use PCs.


fitlet2 is an affordable miniature Apollo Lake PC for demanding IoT applications.
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fitlet is a miniature 0.22l fanless quad-core PC that is not only packing more features than any other PC in its class, but is also designed from the ground up for unprecedented openness.
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IPC (a.k.a Intense PC) is a fanless mini-PCs with Intel Core-i7 inside. it deliver performance never seen before in a fanless mini-PC at the lowest power of any PC at its class.
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fit-PC3 and fit-PC4 are miniature fanless PCs based on AMD G-Series APU. The family provides rich I/O, modularity and price/performance scalability.
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