fit-Headless DP is a small mini-DisplayPort plug that emulates a high resolution display.

It is designed for computers with DisplayPort interface that have to be headless (deployed without an attached screen) but still require remote-desktop access.

Once fit-Headless DP is plugged into the computer it identifies as a display, the computer then enables the GPU which allows resolution selection and higher graphics performance.

fit-Headless DP properties
  • 4K resolution support
  • DisplayPort audio support
  • Native DisplayPort device (not DP++) ensures 100% compatibility with all DP and eDP ports
  • Miniature Mini-DisplayPort + adapter for full-size DisplayPort included

fit-Headless DP is useful in the following cases
  • A headless mini-PC requiring remote-desktop access
  • A professional graphics card used for GPGPU (e.g. bitcoin mining)
  • A secondary display adapter used for remote-desktop when the main display is off

fit-Headless DP provides true plug-and-play experience
  • No power is required
  • No software or drivers to install or configure