fit-Headless is a must-have for anyone using Mac Mini server with screen-sharing.
fit-Headless works just as well with Intel NUC, Compulab fit-PC and closed-lid laptops, enabling high performance remote access.
fit-Headless GS simplifies streaming games and multimedia from a headless gaming PC to the living room with high refresh rate and HDMI audio. It also saves the need to connect a display to a PC when used with a VR headset.

What problem fit-Headless solves?

On Mac Mini Server
Screen sharing on a Mac Mini Server that has no display attached (headless) is low-resolution and slow.
On a headless PC
One of the key requirements in using a PC without a display attached (headless PC) is remote desktop access, but in many cases configuring the headless PC to support high resolution remote desktop proves to be so challenging that sometimes users connect a display to the PC just to be able to have remote desktop access!

How fit-Headless solves the problem?

fit-Headless is a small, low-cost HDMI plug that emulates a high resolution display. Once plugged, the Mac Mini / PC detects a connected display and enables the GPU. With the GPU enabled, screen-sharing / remote desktop access can work in high resolution.

What makes fit-Headless GS better than fit-Headless 4K for game streaming and VR?

fit-Headless GS identifies itself to the graphics card as a connected HDMI 2.0 monitor with high-resolution and high refresh rate, and with audio capabilities. This allows the graphics card to operate at its full graphics rendering and audio processing capabilities and then encode and stream the resulting media over the network.

Four models of fit-Headless are available – fit-Headless (1080p), fit-Headless 4K, fit-Headless GS for game-streaming and VR and fit-Headless DP with native DisplayPort.

fit-Headless 4K
fit-Headless GS
fit-Headless DP
Enables high performance screen-sharing for Mac Mini + + + +
Enables high performance RDP for headless Windows PC / Linux PC + + + +
Suitable for game-streaming and VR +
Works with any O/S and with any remote desktop application + + + +
Plug and play.
Requires no software installation nor configuration
+ + + +
Requires no external power + + + +
5 year warranty + + + +
Full HD 1080p support + + + +
4K resolution support + + +
High refresh rate +
Audio support + +
HDMI 2.0 compliant +
Native DisplayPort +
Available from Compulab
Available through Amazon