fit-Headless is a must-have for anyone using Mac Mini server with screen-sharing.

What problem fit-Headless solves?

Screen sharing on a Mac Mini Server that has no display attached (headless) is low-resolution and slow.

How fit-Headless solves the problem?

fit-Headless is a small, low-cost HDMI plug that emulates a high resolution display. Once plugged, the Mac Mini detects a connected display and enables the GPU. With the GPU enabled, screen-sharing / remote desktop access can work in high resolution.

Two models of fit-Headless are available – fit-Headless (1080p) and fit-Headless 4K.

fit-Headless fit-Headless 4K
Enables high performance screen-sharing for Mac Mini + +
Works with OSX and with any screen sharing application + +
Plug and play.
Requires no software installation nor configuration
+ +
Requires no external power + +
5 year warranty + +
Full HD 1080p support + +
4K resolution support N/A +
Price $15 $25
Available through Amazon