fit-Uptime – UPS for mini-PC

When power is lost, don’t miss a
The importance of uptime cannot be overstated for business PCs or field-deployed ones. Mini-PCs are increasing in popularity but remain vulnerable to power loss.
fit-Uptime is a miniature UPS designed for Compulab mini-PCs. Compulab developed fit-Uptime after identifying that this is the single most important element for improving fit-PC dependability.
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Reliability the simple way
Plug fit-Uptime cable into the mini-PC DC jack. Plug the PSU cable into fit-Uptime DC jack. Power-up PC.
That’s it.

fit-Uptime pays for itself in advance

Savings during development: less testing, shorter time-to-market

Regression testing for sudden power loss and taking measures to protect the system against anything from file-system corruption to bricking: This is one of the most difficult stages in development of a new system.
With fit-Uptime you can assume near perfect uptime of the mini-PCs therefore reduce testing.

Project savings: long MTTF, reduced truck roll and RMA

Mean time to failure of a mini-PC protected by fit-Uptime is often long enough to neglect the failure events.
With fit-Uptime project managers should observe significantly reduced truck-rolls, reduction in RMA and higher customer satisfaction due to better uptime.