About Intense PC Business

Intense PC Business models are based on Intel mobile CPUs, unlike other Intense PC models which are based on Intel embedded CPUs.

Benefits of Intense PC Business

  • High performance
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Low power consumption
  • Same 5 year warranty offered for embedded models

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Models based on Intel embedded CPUs are guaranteed to be in production for 7 years, but the mobile CPUs used in Intense PC Business do not have guaranteed longevity.

Intense PC Business models are designated with the part-number having NL suffix (no longevity) in the CPU code
e.g. part-number of Intense PC Business i3 Barebone is IPC-C3227NL-WB-FM4U

Considerations with Intense PC Business

  • Price may change with no prior notice
  • Product production might end with no prior notice
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Intense PC Business is suitable for

  • One-time purchasing of computers
  • Long term applications that are not sensitive to changes in specifications
  • Personal use

Intense PC Business is not for

  • Long term projects with recurring orders
  • Projects requiring a custom software image

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