A Linux desktop the way it should be small and silent, fast, packed with connectivity and working out-of-the-box.
The installation-free experience we are all used to from Windows PCs and Macs is now available with one of the best desktop-Linux distros on one of the best miniature PC platforms.

Two of every sort
Dual-LAN, dual-head display, dual USB3, dual-antenna WiFi, internal SATA HDD+SSD, dual-core CPU, dual-channel RAM, dual eSATA, dual miniPCIe, zero fans. Where I/O is concerned, MintBox 2 pulls far ahead of any other miniature PC.

Built to last
MintBox 2 is passively cooled by its die cast aluminium case and is rated for 0°C – 50°C. Where there are no moving parts there is hardly any aging. That’s why MintBox 2 is the only miniature PC having 5 year warranty.

There is a statement behind MintBox 2: Support freedom. Open-source community-driven OS is a worthy alternative to a corporate-backed OS and there are good reasons to keep it this way. That’s why 5% of MintBox price goes to funding the Linux Mint project.