Product selection charts

Selecting the right computer among the many available models could be challenging in some cases.
Often the most important decision factors are performance and price.
The charts below may be helpful in identifying the most suitable model.

Products performance comparison

  • Performance is compared using Primate Labs Geekbench 3
  • Models with lower performance tend to have smaller footprint, consume less power and carry lower-price tag

Products comparison: performance vs cost

  • The chart above lists price/performance of the high performance products
  • It is useful for product selection where performance is the key decision factor
  • If budget is the major concern, please first consult the chart below
  • Please note that price refers to the list price of a barebone system
    • Final price may be higher with inclusion of RAM, storage and operating system or with product customization
    • Price may be reduced for volume orders
  • To check price and availability of specific models please consult the direct ordering page or Amazon
  • To inquire about customization or receive a volume quotation please contact Compulab

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