End-of-life products

End-of-life products

EOL (end-of-life) does not mean the product is not available and does not mean Compulab is not manufacturing it.
Compulab manufactures a product as long as the components for that product can be obtained.
EOL indicates that a vendor of a key component in the product announced EOL on that component so Compulab cannot ensure the ability to manufacture the product in the future.
Normally, the key component that determines EOL of the product is the CPU.
To check if a specific product is EOL visit specifications, choose the product and look at Long term availability field.

Recommendations about EOL products

New projects with an EOL product

Do not start a new project with an EOL product. Choose a product with longevity.

A product used in an ongoing project is now EOL

Please consult Compulab fit-PC sales. Compulab can normally ensure continuous supply on EOL products once the specific needs are understood.

One time purchasing

If you plan one-time purchasing and the product is available for sale you should not be concerned about EOL. The product has full warranty.