Airtop BIOS Files

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For updating BIOS see Airtop BIOS Update

* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released. * Incorrect BIOS update has a risk for system brick, therefore follow the guide step-by-step.


  • Update to BIOS core version ARTP-
  • Starting S/N: TBD
  • Fix INTEL-SA-00075 vulnerability. Update of ME AMT/vPro firmware to
  • Fix CVE-2017-8083 vulnerability. Lock Master Access Permissions.
  • Windows 10 resume from sleep issue fix
  • Download:


  • Update to BIOS core version ARTP_3.1.0.637.3.1
  • Starting S/N: TBD
  • SATA3 functionality fixed
  • X2APIC functionality control added
  • BIOS update functionality fixed


  • Update to BIOS core version ARTP_3.1.0.637.2.0
  • Secure Boot functionality is added
  • SATA3 functionality fixed
  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements