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* [[fit-PC Product Line:Application Notes|General application notes]]
* [[fit-PC Product Line:Application Notes|General application notes]]
* [[fitlet:Certification | Certificates]]
* [[fitlet:Certification | Certificates]]
* [http://www.fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/brochure/fitlet-brochure.pdf fitlet product brochure]
* [http://www.fit-pc.com/download/fitlet/marketing/fitlet-brochure.pdf fitlet product brochure]
=== Accessories ===
=== Accessories ===

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fitlet is fully functional miniature computer build around AMD Embedded A/E-Series “Steppe Eagle/Mullins” 64-bit dual and quad cores System-on-Chip.

fitlet-B/i/X and fitlet-iA10/XA10 models offered in a small pocket-able enclosure for all processor versions E1 Micro-6200T, A4 Micro-6400T and A10 Micro-6700T.
fitlet-H built in a hardened enclosure around the 4.5W quad-core A10 Micro-6700T with Radeon™ R6 Graphics, clocked up to 2.2 GHz with up to 16 GB RAM, and provides more thermal headroom than other fitlet models. fitlet-H is suitable for harsh environments thanks to its passively cooled all-metal housing design.

fitlet serves a wide range of applications – industrial control and automation, networking and communications infrastructures, media players and media centers, IPTV, infotainment system, digital signage and smart kiosks, gaming or small-footprint desktop replacement.








Front/Back Panel View

Fitlet ports diagram 700x491.png