Fitlet2: BIOS Files

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For updating BIOS see fitlet2 BIOS update

* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released. * Incorrect BIOS update has a risk for system brick, therefore follow the guide step-by-step.


  • BIOS version:
  • Update AMI core to version 0.46
  • Update Intel TXE Firmware to version to address security advisories: INTEL-SA-00125 INTEL-SA-00142
  • Update Secure Boot variables
  • Fix COM Port bug in Linux
  • Fix restore setup settings to defaults bug
  • Replace dynamic boot order to fixed boot order
  • Fix blank Administrator password bug

BIOS for standard fitlet2

MD5: b0e49bbe091360e3c36b9f3e80b62c31

BIOS for unbranded fitlet2

No splash-screen

FLT2.NBR. (Unbranded version) 
MD5: e199d86eba13ffd37cbced64bc05c8c8

BIOS for MintBox Mini 2 (MBM2)

MBM2 splash-screen

FLT2.MBM2. (MintBox Mini 2 version) 
MD5: e67d303d87ce627ecd3b72684e9d0b5c


  • BIOS version:
  • Update AMI core to version 0.40
  • Linux resume from suspend issue is fixed
  • Windows power button configuration issue is fixed (board rev. 1.2 only)
  • Wake-on-LAN issue is fixed
  • Linux Watchdog (iTCO_wdt module) issue is fixed
  • BIOS menus are revised
  • BIOS menus configuration is no longer reliant on RTC backup battery
  • TXE firmware is updated to


  • BIOS version:
  • fitlet2 rev. 1.2 support is added
  • Logo on the POST message screen is fixed
  • Evaluation Copy string is removed


  • BIOS version:
  • Update to BIOS core version FLT2.
  • Fix INTEL-SA-00088 vulnerability. Update of CPU Microcodes to M03506C9_0000002E and M03506CA_00000008