Intense PC BIOS ROM files

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For updating BIOS see Intense PC BIOS Update


  • Update to new BIOS core version CR_2.2.0.400.3 X64
  • Fix INTEL-SA-00075 vulnerability. Update of ME AMT/vPro firmware to ME_8.1.71.3608
  • Update ME Browser extension to for compatibility with ME_8.1.71.3608
  • Fix CVE-2017-8083 vulnerability. Update Master Access Permissions.
  • Download
  • MD5: 838E95242496F117F9C409A369947082
  • Note: BIOS update procedure is different from previous BIOS updates


  • Minor changes in SMBIOS update procedure (for internal ATP use) for BIOS core version CR_2.2.0.400.2 X64


  • Major update to new BIOS core version CR_2.2.0.400.1 X64
  • AMT/ME firmware update
  • Added preallocated video memory menu with max 512 MB
  • Added support for 6 SATA interfaces
  • Added RAID support (Available on i7-C3517V only)
  • All virtualization switches are set to enable by default
  • Interface cosmetic changes


  • Major update to new BIOS core version CR_2.2.0.377 X64
  • AMT/ME firmware update
  • Video BIOS firmware update to 2158
  • CPU microcode update
  • Fixed several USB issues
  • Fixed issue "Some miniPCIE devices fail when used on the full-length miniPCIE socket"
  • Added support for headless operation (including AMT & VNCViewer+ -i7)
  • Added Watchdog functionality (Range 6 to 1022 seconds)


  • Fixed USB HUB reset issues
  • Major update to new BIOS core version CR_2.2.0.346 X64
  • updated CPU/Chipset/SATA microcode to the latest
  • Added Silicon Information menu
  • Added PCIE Gen(1,2,Auto) selection for FULL mini PCIE slot
  • Updated/rearranged AMT menu (relevant for i7 only)


  • Added full mSATA support for rev 1.2
  • External CPU-based PCIe was enabled by default
  • Changed default for mSATA/PCIe to the mSATA
  • Cosmetic changes to the UI
  • Added Spread spectrum support


  • First public release