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=== Links ===
=== Links ===
* [[IntensePC:_Software | Intense PC Software Repository]]
* [[IntensePC:_Software | Intense PC Software Repository]]
[[category:Intense PC]]

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BIOS update procedure

1. Prepare bootable USB DOS image

  • Use "Image Write for Windows" utility https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/
  • Connect the USB flash device to your host PC (ensure that you don't have any other USB mass storage devices connected)
  • Run Win32DiskImager.exe
  • Select the target disk in the Device drop-box
  • Select DOS_IMG.IMG (found in the package) in the Image File search-box
  • Press Write button to proceed
  • Wait until completion
  • Disconnect the USB flash device and connect it again. It should now be assigned a drive letter

2. Download the latest Intense PC BIOS ROM files
3. Unzip and copy 3 files to the root directory :

  • CRX64.bin

4. Insert preapred USB disk into Intense-PC and boot
5. Run DOSFL.bat and wait until completion
6. After reboot remove USB disk, remove power and do regular boot