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For updating BIOS see Tensor-PC BIOS update

* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released. * Incorrect BIOS update has a risk for system brick, therefore follow the guide step-by-step.


  • BIOS version:
  • Reverted the front panel LEDs behaviour during the boot

CRITICAL NOTE: The BIOS downgrade can be done to the version not lower than FLT2.
The BIOS downgrade to the older version will lead to the total system brick and RMA.

BIOS for standard Tensor-PC

MD5: 594b551cd72df47c8013ef67a1b97ae8

BIOS for unbranded Tensor-PC

MD5: 74489060129ff76e2c3ec46567f90ecc

BIOS for MintBox Mini 2 (MBM2)

MD5: 7d18fab7e288e21ea48c39eb0822a712

BIOS for Tensor-PC with discrete TPM

MD5: ca531bec1aa2e15da44586a26d55845e


  • BIOS version:
  • Update Intel TXE Firmware to version to address security advisory: INTEL-SA-00391
  • Update SOC microcode firmware:
    - M03506C9_00000040 (SOC rev. B and D)
    - M03506CA_0000001E (SOC rev. E and F)
  • Add the USB Power control in S5 power state
  • Add the front panel LEDs status during the boot
  • Add front panel LEDs and the power button LED behavior control

CRITICAL NOTE: Since the new BIOS contains the updated TXE firmware, the downgrade to the previous BIOS with older TXE firmware is restricted by the SOC manufacturer.
The BIOS downgrade will lead to the total system brick and RMA.