Troubleshooting Airtop3 Symptom: I don't have any display output, there's nothing on the screen

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Symptom: I don't have any display output, there's nothing on the screen

1. Possible reason: Problem with display interface

Solution - Check peripherals

  • Make sure both power and display cables are connected firmly on both sides.
  • Advise the H(Hdmi)/D(Display port) LEDS, Green means the cable is connected to the monitor properly.*
  • Make sure the monitor is turned On and is functioning (The best way to check screen functionality is by connecting to a good known working machine).
  • Make sure you have functioning HDMI/DP cable (checked with another device/monitor)

*LED Diagnostics feature is available only for models configured the with FM-AT3 FACE module

2. Possible reason: Memory failure

Solution - Check memory (RAM)

  • Verify RAM module is seated firmly in its socket.
  • Display issues on POST are a common symptom of incorrectly assembled or bad Memory DIMMS
  • Please refer to Check memory RAM to diagnose Memory

3. Possible reason: Wrong output usage

Solution - check the port your display is connected to

The default BIOS setting of the devices assembled with a discrete graphics card (like GTX 1660) is sending an output to the external graphical card, not integrated. Connect the monitors to the GTX card (see attached picture with red frame around the right place) output through HDMI or DP port. If all successful and you get the output -

  • Access BIOS
  • Switch "Default Display" to "On-board Graphics" (located under the "Quick-Settings" setup menu)
  • Check if the issue persists. This option should enable both the on-board and the external graphic card.
Correct ports when discrete card exists