Application note - Airtop3 configure PXE boot

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  • This application note applies to Airtop3
  • It provides BIOS configuration instructions to properly configure the Airtop3 to boot from PXE.
  • This feature is functional using LAN1 port only. Read from the Airtop3's back panel to distinguish.


  1. Enter the BIOS menu by pressing "ESC" on startup.
  2. In the BIOS menu, browse to Advanced -> Network Stack Configuration menu.
  3. Set the Network Stack setting to [Enabled], as a result, additional settings will appear.
  4. Enable the appropriate functionality. (For example: for Ipv4 PXE functionality, set the Ipv4 PXE Support setting to [Enabled]).
  5. Press F4 to save and exit.
  6. Confirm by entering BIOS menu and checking at Boot tab that "UEFI PXE" option appears in the boot priorities list.