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Deploying 75 new computers in the organization IT may sound like a back-breaking task - but not if the organization upgrades to fit-PC2...

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Press release

Widex saves energy with fit-PC

Widex A/S, famous producer of hearing aids, is building new headquarters in Allerød north of Copenhagen. The new building, which will house more than 600 employees, is a prime example of an innovative, environmentally friendly building.

But Widex is also focused on the environment in smaller matters. In the new headquarters there is a need for large information screens, showing staff and visitors constant relevant information.

These screen are drive by th worlds smallest and greenest PC - the fit-PC2. With a power consumption of only 8 watts is in line with Widex' environmental strategy.Although the fit-pc2 consumes very little power it is in terms of performance on par with other Intel Atom based PCs - it is simply built of better components.

Carsten Lundberg, head of IT at Widex, explains: “we needed 75 information screens in our new headquarters, so power consumption is essential. We tried the fit-PC2 and found that it in all respects met our demands. The fit-pc2 is a very professional product, we cannot in Widex use products for the home market.”

Kurt Nielsen from Danish distributor fit-pc.dk comments: "we are excited that Widex as the first major Danish company has decided to save energy by looking at the consumption in the IT sector. We have worked with fit-pc for a year now and we expect that this breakthrough will make other companies and public institutions get serious about their green profiles."

Irad Stavi from the manufacturer, Compulab in Israel says: "By deploying fit-PC2 in the workspace Widex is expressing its values of originality and reliability. Like many other companies that moved tofit-PC2, I'm confident that for Widex there is no looking back at a full size, power hungry PCs"

For further information, please contact Kurt Nielsen, fit.pc.dk: mail kurt.nielsen@fit-pc.dk, tel: +45 3170 1346