CompuLab introduces a range of fanless-PC solutions for networking and industrial applications

Yokneam, Israel – 23-Sep-13 – CompuLab is announcing new products – fit-Multi family of rich-I/O fanless PCs, fit-PC3i fanless PC and fit-Headless plug for headless PC is a range of unique off-the-shelf industrial computers with unprecedented combination of specialized I/O, outdoor-ready miniature fanless design and high-performance PC functionality. First fit-Multi products include fit-MultiLAN with up to 6 GbE ports, fit-MultiSer with 7 RS232 ports and 2 CANBus ports and fit-MultiPCIe with 4 miniPCIe sockets. Built upon CompuLab’s fit-PC, Intense PC and uSVR platforms, fit-Multi is available in a wide range of footprints, performance levels and price points.

fit-PC3i is a new version of CompuLab’s popular fit-PC3 designed for signage, surveillance, and telecommunication applications.

fit-Headless is an HDMI plug that emulates a connected display, thus simplifies remote desktop access regardless of GPU, operating-system and display-driver.

About fit-Multi solutions

fit-Multi is a range of off-the-shelf fanless-PCs with specialized I/O. fit-Multi solutions are implemented using CompuLab FACE Modules integrated seamlessly into fit-PC3, Intense PC and uSVR platforms resulting in a cost-effective and extremely scalable range of solutions.

“Industrial applications often require specialized I/O that is not found on a standard PC” said Irad Stavi, Chief Product Officer at CompuLab. “For lack of suitable off-the-shelf solution, some system architects take the risk of a custom design which incurs NRE, may hurt time-to-market and provides no upgrade path. In low-volume projects that cannot justify a custom design the compromise is between solution quality and unit cost. fit-Multi is an off-the-shelf specialized I/O solution which is cost effective, scalable and having minimal footprint”.

fit-MultiLAN incorporates up to 6 Gbit Ethernet ports. Each Gbit Ethernet port is on a dedicated PCI express lane making the fit-MultiLAN family a unique high-performance router or an advanced platform for networking services and network security applications.

fit-MultiSer features up to 7 RS232 ports and 2 CAN bus ports. fit-MultiSer is a dependable platform for control, instrumentation, data acquisition and in-vehicle applications.

fit-MultiPCIe provides 4 mini PCI Express sockets. fit-MultiPCIe is ideal where diverse data-communication devices are required within a single ruggedized chassis.

fit-MultiUSB3 brings out 4 USB3 ports and 4 USB2 ports and has 2 mSATA sockets. fit-MultiUSB3 is ideal as a miniature ruggedized hub for multiple high-speed devices.

fit-Multi solutions support Linux and Windows on CompuLab’s platforms based on Intel and AMD CPUs. They are available as a ready to use PC or as an SBC for embedded applications. CompuLab is developing additional industry-specific solutions based on FACE Modules and also allows customers and third parties to design their own custom FACE Module solutions.

fit-Multi products are available now starting from $449.

FACE Module technology

CompuLab fit-PC3, Intense PC and uSVR product lines bring unprecedented modularity to the miniature fanless-PC segment by accommodating Function and Connectivity Extension Module (FACE Module). FACE Module is an add-on card that fits seamlessly into the computer and appear as an integral system element. The FACE Module system interface consists of multiple high-speed busses including 4 PCIe lanes, 4 USB ports, 2 SATA ports GPIOs and serial interfaces.

“FACE Module extension was defined for ease of integration.” said Dimitry Katkov, CompuLab VP of R&D “It consists of only a single PCB and a sheet-metal panel that fits seamlessly in the casing. The PCB is simple to design and manufacture. CompuLab provides detailed documentation and complete FACE Module reference designs. A custom FACE Module makes economic sense even in projects of under 100 units”.

FACE Modules are interoperable between CompuLab’s low-cost fit-PC3, high-performance Intense PC and CompuLab uSVR allowing one-time design to scale through a wide range of price/performance points.

fit-PC3i fanless PC

fit-PC3i is a new version of CompuLab’s popular fit-PC3, designed to address specific industrial applications in the signage, surveillance, and telecommunication segments. New features in fit-PC3i include:

Dual Gbit Ethernet for routing and other networking applications

Dual HDMI for signage applications requiring symmetric dual display

CEC for display control in signage applications

On-board Micro-SIM socket for mobile telecommunication enabling connectivity in the absence of LAN and WLAN infrastructure

Integrated fit-Headless display emulator for headless remote access.

fit-PC3i specifications

fit-PC3i LP: AMD G-T40E (64 bit dual core 1 GHz w/ Radeon 6250)
fit-PC3i Pro: AMD G-T56N (64 bit dual core 1.65 GHz w/ Radeon 6320)
RAM: Up to 16 GB DDR3
Storage: Internal 2.5” HDD/SSD + mSATA
Display: Dual head HDMI 1.4a up to 1920 x 1200 w/ CEC support and integrated display emulator for headless operation
Audio: S/PDIF 7.1 input/output + stereo line-out / MIC in
LAN: 2x Gbit Ethernet
Mobile: On-board Micro-SIM socket
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n up to 150 Mbps + Bluetooth 4.0, dual antenna (available in some models)
USB: 4x USB2
Expansion: Full-size miniPCIe with mSATA and SIM interfaces + half-size miniPCIe + FACE Module interface
Enclosure: Passively cooled die-cast aluminum
fit-PC3i LP: 16cm x 16cm x 2.5cm
fit-PC3i Pro: 16cm x 19cm x 3.7cm
Power consumption:
fit-PC3i LP: 7W – 15W
fit-PC3i Pro: 9W – 24W

fit-PC3i availability

fit-PC3i will be available in Q4 2013 starting from $275.

fit-Headless display emulator plug

Operating a headless PC requires remote desktop access, but in many cases compositing the desktop in high resolution is possible only when the computer detects a connected display. fit-Headless is a miniature HDMI plug that emulates a high-definition display connected to the PC. The headless PC identifies fit-Headless as a connected display and enables the GPU thus allowing remote desktop compositing at high resolution. fit-Headless works with any HDMI capable PC on any operating system and requires no software installation nor configuration. fit-Headless does not require external power.

“Many users are frustrated with the challenge of getting remote desktop working on a headless PC. Frustration caused by the obscurity of display drivers, operating systems and remote-access applications.” said Mr. Stavi. “CompuLab developed fit-Headless after realizing there is no universal software solution that guarantees remote desktop access at high resolution for headless PCs. fit-Headless is a cost-effective hardware solution that always works.”

fit-Headless is available now for $15.

About CompuLab

CompuLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computing products since 1992 with product lines ranging from computer-on-modules to ready-to-use miniature computers. CompuLab’s fit-PC line of miniature, fanless PCs – introduced in 2007 – positioned CompuLab as an industry leader in the field of miniature, fanless industrial PCs.

CompuLab headquarters are located in Yokneam, Israel with offices in St. Petersburg, FL.

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