fitlet-RM product tour

fitlet-RM is a ruggedized miniature fanless PC in an an all-metal housing. It has many unique properties that make it an extraordinary industrial PC.

Built to last

fitlet-RM is built to last. It is one of the most hardened and durable PCs on the market.
Read a use-case of resurrection of a drowned fitlet-RM

Passive cooling

fitlet-RM is fanless with no moving parts. This means its reliability and thermal performance are not reduced over time and it is not subject to sudden failure due to fan malfunction. As a result, fitlet-RM is also perfectly silent. “The most reliable fan is the one that isn’t there”.

Wide temperature range

fitlet-RM can work at a temperature range of -400C to 750C. This means fitlet-RM can be installed in any weather condition, in any type of cabinet or in a vehicle without complicated cooling design.

Dust and humidity resistance

fitlet-RM has no vents. Heat dissipation is by conduction to the housing so there is no air circulation on internal components. So fitlet-RM is not sensitive to dust, humidity or polluted air. It is also easy to integrate in clean-rooms and sterilized environments.

Withstanding shock and vibration

The miniature 0.22 liter housing of fitlet-RM is all metal with interlocking parts for structural strength. fitlet-RM has been successfully tested for passenger car vibration and in drop tests.


fitlet-RM is built of embedded long-availability components and is guaranteed to be available and supported for over 5 years.


fitlet-RM comes with a 5 year warranty.

Performance and features

Best in class performance

fitlet-RM is based on the quad-core AMD A10-Micro 6700T clocked up to 2.2 GHz. Independent benchmarks show that it provides higher performance than comparable Intel Atom based systems in both Windows and Linux.
Anandtech review | Phoronix review

Many features in tiny footprint

fitlet-RM has a surprisingly rich set of features. Not only dual-head HDMI, dual to quad Gbit Ethernet, WiFi, up to 6 USB ports and micro-SD, but also a serial port, provision for mobile data communication, GPIOs and powered eSATA.

Full Windows and Linux support

fitlet-RM fully supports Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is one of the only miniature PCs with official Linux support and Linux pre-installed, based on the Compulab-Linux Mint partnership that result in the MintBox
Many pfSense users find the fitlet-RM XA10 LAN to be an excellent firewall/router.

Advanced networking capabilities

3nicsfitlet-RM-XA10 LAN supports 4 Gbit Ethernet ports. fitlet-RM-iA10 has dual Gbit Ethernet and WLAN 802.11ac or a mobile data communication card. fitlet-RM makes an excellent router and its networking flexibility allows fitlet-RM to stay connected regardless of network conditions.

fitlet-RM can be tailored to your needs

Small yet modular

prototype-FACET-LANfitlet-RM-XA10 incorporates a FACET Card (Function and Connectivity Extension T-Card) that has multiple interfaces including 3 PCIe ports. In fitlet-RM-XA10 LAN the FACET is used to implement 3 Gbit Ethernet ports. The FACET interface is fully documented and published to allow 3rd parties to design their own extensions to fitlet-RM. Compulab can offer FACET design services for large volume projects.

Configure to order

fitlet-RM can be fully configured to order with a choice of CPU, memory, storage, extension cards, accessories and operating system installed. Compulab can even change features on the motherboard for volume orders. This allows cost optimization and perfect fit of fitlet-RM to the project’s needs.

OEM branding

Corporates can use fitlet-RM to promote their brand indentity. fitlet-RM is designed for easy OEM branding and Compulab provides full rebranding service. MintBox Mini is a great example.

Accessories that solve real-world problems

There are unique challenges to industrial PCs that are common to many projects – power, mounting, start-up behavior, headless operation – to name a few. For 10 years Compulab has been supporting industrial-PC customers. fitlet-RM has a set of solutions to problems other industrial PCs vendors are unaware of.


din-railfitlet-RM is very small and as such easy to mount. Compulab is offering both VESA/wall mounting bracket and DIN-rail mounting bracket for fitlet-RM.
fitlet-RM mounting

Cable locking

One of the concerns when installing an unattended PC is cables disconnecting, especially when the PC may be subject to vibrations when installed in machinary or in a vehicle.
fitlet-RM has a built-in locking mechanism for the power cord and for the two rear USB ports that prevents the cables from unintended disconnection.

Remote power

remote-powerfitlet-RM has two features that simplify integration inside a machine – remote power button is a cable attached to a connector on the motherboard allowing the on/off button to be brought out to the machine’s dash-board. The fitlet-RM power-button can be mechanically disabled with a pin that prevents accidental pressing of the power button.

Headroom for scaling, cost optimization and integration

Embedding with SBC-FLT

sbc-fltSBC-FLT is the motherboard of fitlet-RM and can be used independently to integrate where an SBC is required. SBC-FLT has an integrated heat-plate for easy thermal coupling. RAM and storage are mounted directly onto the SBC keeping the footprint small and low-profile.

Scale up with fitlet-H and fitlet-T

Long term projects need scaling headroom to allow higher performance, more RAM and storage and additional connectivity. This scaling should better not require rewriting or recompiling the software to avoid fragmentation of the install-base.
fitlet-RM has fully compatible siblings. fitlet-H has the same CPU doubles the RAM and supports multiple storage devices. fitlet-T has the same feature set of fitlet-H and is based on a higher-performance CPU.